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Chef UK Carp catered for a 48 hour social for six of us. His evening meals were excellent. Served hot and tasty in convenient cardboard tubs perfect for taking away and eating at the swim when the fish are biting.

But perhaps the most important thing was the breakfast rolls. Hot, crispy bacon on fresh white rolls (where he managed to pull those from after two days I'd love to know) were the perfect start to the day.

I've worked as a chef in my time, and I know how difficult it can be to turn out meals in masse, especially outdoors. But Jay managed it with aplomb, and a great sense of humour to boot.

He's also very knowledgeable about carp and carp fishing, so he can hold a conversation with a bunch of obsessed fishermen and women.

I have recently attended an event where Jason was catering. what can I say but just delicious! The food he prepares is spot on and he caters for all needs. He is incredibly friendly and funny too! I would highly recommend him!

We hired Jason to cover dinner for a 24hr fishing match this weekend. Firstly he gave us a few menus to select from and guided us on food that was fresh, healthy and most importantly full of flavour. This menu also aligned with our limited budget for this particular event. Jason was swift, friendly and professional. All of our customers enjoyed the change and commented on the freshness of the food. Win win all round, will book again.


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